Switching From Blogger to WordPress Made Easy

Switching From Blogger to WordPress Made Easy

Switching from Blogger to WordPress is something I put off for years. We have been on Blogger for many years (my first post was in 2007 and I just moved to WordPress a couple days ago.) It is a great free platform, really it is. But I had heard a lot about switching and how much better it really is and I have to say, I am here and not looking back!

I had followed a few tutorials and Googled a few things as I was trying to switch everything over, making it way more complicated then it really is! I took so long to move because I was afraid of how complicated it would be. It is not at all complicated to switch and I am going to step you through it so you can do it without making mistakes (they were not big ones, but I did goof up on one of my blogs because I didn’t read it all the way through…)

Here we go, the steps for switching from Blogger to WordPress:

You will need a domain

There is no way around it if you want to really unleash the power of WordPress. You don’t want to have a .companyname(.)come at the end of your blog. Switching from Blogger to WordPress means you will have your own domain and you will own your blog! Often times, you can get a domain with the company that is hosting your blog. If you already have a domain name that you hosted on Blogger, that is ok too. Not too complicated to change, you will just need to change the DNS settings to the hosting company. I have a recommendation for hosting below and they offer a domain with hosting package. It is easier so you don’t have to play with the DNS settings.

You need to find a hosting company

If you are switching from Blogger to WordPress, you need to go self hosted. The best way to get all the benefits of having a WordPress blog is to have it self hosted. Meaning you are paying for the hosting and then installing WordPress onto your domain for your blog. This sounds complicated, believe me it is not. You need to pick out a hosting company that will host your site. I prefer TMD Hosting because they offer more for the money. I am affiliated with them but they are also my hosting company, the affiliation does not influence my opinions of them. If you order through the link below you will get a special deal for my readers and I will earn a commission at no extra charge to you.

Your hosting company will tell you the name servers for your domain to point to so that it is on your hosting plan (if you didn’t use the one you get with your hosting package and it is with a different company.) Any questions on that, you can ask your hosting company or the company you have the domain with.

Onto the easy stuff step by step.

Download your Blogger blog onto your computer

Back up the content from Blogger onto your computer
Downloading blogger blog to computer

Go into settings in your blogger account and go to other. At the top you will see import and back up. Click back up and you will see this box come up to save to your computer. Save the file, it will be saved as a XML file.

Install WordPress on your new domain (or existing but transferred over to hosting company)

Most of the hosting companies have tools to work with WordPress and the installation is usually pretty basic. That you will do through the hosting onto your domain, not through WordPress directly.

You don’t have to pick your theme before installing. I chose to wait so I could see how each theme looked with what I had.

Importing your blog over

Run the Blogger importer plugin

Once you have your blog installed go to Tools in your admin account. Select import and you will see a page come up with an option of various things. You want to select Blogger and install now. Then click run. Select upload and upload your XML file that was saved to your computer when you backed it up and it will take a minute or two, but it will bring in your posts and comments. You will not have your widgets if you had any but you can add them here using the same html code, or add new since you now have a world of different options!

Changing your permalinks

Your permalinks are going to be saved differently in Blogger so now in your admin account in WordPress, select settings and permalinks. Click the custom structure and then add:


Click save changes. This way your links coming in from elsewhere should work (otherwise you would get a 404 page not found.) I have not found any problems with incoming links, but I have heard that sometimes the permalink in Blogger might keep simple things like an a where WordPress may not keep it.

Changing your labels to tags

This is where I didn’t know and jumped ahead on one of my blogs (and well deleted all of them when I didn’t have to.) Blogger has labels which are a lot like tags, but in WordPress they are your categories and many themes will display them all (making it quite cluttered.)

Go to posts and go to categories. If you are like me, you have a lot of labels. There is an option at the bottom of the category list that says categories can be selectively changed to tags with the category to tag converter. Click that link and you will be brought to the same page where you ran the importer earlier. Install your converter and select the categories you want to switch over to tags.

And you are done!

Don’t forget to create your privacy page and affiliate disclosure (if you are an affiliate in any way.)

As a note:

I have heard some say that you should redirect your blogger blog to your new, but I deleted 2 of my blogs and redirected my other and have not seen a difference with inbound links. Changing the permalinks did the trick for me to keep inbound links working. Do not keep both blogs up and running tho, Google does not like duplicate content.

Redirecting, I just ran the Blogger to WordPress plugin to generate code. On your blogger blog, you will click on theme and scroll down to bottom to click on revert to classic themes. You will be able to edit the html from there and add the code that the plugin gave you. Save it and it will redirect your posts to your new blog. But as I said, I don’t see this necessary but maybe somebody will explain in the comments.

As you can see, switching from Blogger to WordPress is easy. Are you ready to make the change?

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