Should I Start a Blog?

Should I Start a Blog?

Is starting a blog right for me?

Many times when I tell people that I blog, they ask me if it is worth it. Sometimes people ask me “Should I start a blog?” And well, the answer isn’t always as easy as I would like it to be. Of course I want people to blog, it is very rewarding both financially and emotionally! But the truth is that it isn’t for everybody. It takes a lot of time to get up and going. It takes some serious dedication too. Anybody CAN do it but not everybody will see it through.

My Blog Wasn’t a Perfect Start

I want to tell you about how we started and why we took so long to start to see results. See this blog you are reading now started in 2007. That is 12 years ago next month. There was not a lot of advice on blogging back then. There were no big gurus teaching you everything back then. Blogging was not easy for me then. It was a learning process and one that I mastered now! I knew why I wanted to start blogging but didn’t know how then. The reason I started Dawn’s Work at Home Blog was to help people work legitimately at home. I had been scammed by some of the “get rich quick schemes” so I was sharing my experiences to help others.

I started on Blogger and switched over to WordPress. Are you on Blogger and want to switch? It is easier then you think – Switching From Blogger to WordPress Made Easy. Blogger was a great platform in the beginning, especially since they were free. Blogger is very limited for serious bloggers tho. Another problem was that I didn’t take blogging seriously in the beginning. Keeping it hosted on Blogger for all that time kept me from really building what I knew I wanted. I put my blog on the back seat for while in fear of switching platforms. Yes I had built my experience and yes I had readers, but I couldn’t build it up like I wanted to. I felt it was going to be hard to change platforms at that time (little did I know how easy it really was!)

All 4 of my blogs are now self hosted on WordPress and it is so much easier to do what I really wanted with them.

Are You Willing to Commit Time to a Blog?

Here is a big deciding factor. Are you able and willing to commit time to a blog? Sure it can sit idle but you won’t make money that way. It is a great tool, a great source of income and can be a lot of fun too if you put effort into it.

Everything from deciding your blog name to getting readers takes thought and planning. There will be some heart aches and a lot of happy times. I am not trying to talk you out of it, I want you to blog and succeed! But I do want you to know that it is not instant success. You will not wake up with thousands of hits to your blog after one post. If you commit time and energy to creating it, you will have an amazing profitable blog. But only if you commit to it.

Do it if You Can!

Can you make a lot of money with it? Yes you absolutely can. There are bloggers making 6 figures with theirs. It takes a lot to get there tho. Should you start one? I would love to see you do it and I am sure you would love the results if you stick to it. Seriously, if you are able to commit yourself to running a blog – go for it. It is a great source of income and it can be a lot of fun connecting with others in the blog world. You meet some really cool people and there are a lot of people who want to help you get where you need to be too. Some will charge you but many will offer very useful advice for free.

I am starting a section here just for people who want to start their own. I can help you to get there! It will have my experiences and also just very general tips as well.

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