Affiliate Marketing – 5 Reasons People Fail

Affiliate Marketing – 5 Reasons People Fail

You hear about affiliate marketing all over the Internet. People tell you that you can earn a ton of money by doing it. Truth is that you can make a lot of money by selling other people’s products. Yes there are many people making more then full time jobs doing it, but it doesn’t happen over night without a clue of what to do. And please do not fall for anything that claims instant riches.

I have seen many mistakes made since I first started online in 2005. As a matter of fact, I made many mistakes along the way. Here are 5 common ones that I see a lot:

5 Reasons why people fail at Affiliate Marketing

Getting Caught Up in Too Many Things

I was guilty of this in the beginning and most people that get into affiliate marketing tend to do this or they are at least tempted to do this.

It is easy to get caught up in the “make X amount of $ in less then X amount of time.” Or sometimes you just see something that really catches your eye and you think “this is it, this is my ticket to success!” No…You need to stay focused and not run onto every new thing. Ok, sometimes it is ok to add a new avenue of money. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, but in the beginning you really need to focus on one or two things. The more you have going on, the less you will be able to do with each one. This means you will probably not profit from any of them.

Once you get one up and in profit, then maybe you can jump into adding a new project. But please do not jump into it before then. This is for your own good. If you are new to affiliate marketing you are probably wondering how I think you would get into so many things, but trust me it happens to all of us. The temptation is there when we see the right thing.

That is probably the number one reason people fail.

Not Selling the Right Product

This is a very important step. In affiliate marketing there are products and companies everywhere. Some good, some great and some are horrible. You have to be careful with what products you choose to promote. For many reasons really. You don’t want to ruin your reputation over a crappy product when there are so many things to choose from. There is no right or wrong industry to select from (whether it be dieting, cooking. working online or anything), it is the product that can be all wrong.

I like to test products I promote. It is recommended that you do too because your reputation is at stake. Put yourself in the other person’s shoes and think about how you would want to be treated and if you felt you were scammed. When I test the products or businesses, I know that without a doubt I am letting people know about a decent product/company.

Be sure the product (or company) is offering something of value. You won’t be making any money if it doesn’t offer a lot of value to a person’s life in someway. I have seen people jump into a certain product because of how much the commission was. But it really didn’t sell well because it was a crappy product with no real value. People realized it after they bought it. You don’t handle the refunds, but now people don’t want to trust you because you referred them to the product.

See the problem there?

You Do Not Know Your Target Customers

They are not technically your customers since the company that owns the product you are selling handles the transactions, but they are like your customers. As an affiliate marketer you are hoping they are going to buy something so you make money.

Knowing the target customers in extremely important. This will give you insight as to where to advertise. I see people advertising cooking things on a traffic exchange that is mainly full of people looking for traffic to their sites and to make money working at home. Cooking is probably not going to make it so well. Now if you are trying to promote something that is about getting more website traffic, then a traffic exchange is going to be a great place to add to your advertising.

Tho I do have to say that if you are going to use traffic exchanges for hits to your site, you are better off using a splash page. Splash pages get more sales then without by far. You can create them for free through Easy Hits 4 U. You don’t have to be an upgraded member to create these pages, tho as an upgraded member you get more choices. Let me know if you have any questions about splash pages and why they are so important.


This is a big one in affiliate marketing! Spamming your link falls back on your reputation and can also get you banned from various affiliate programs (and is just plain uncool.) Do not spam your link all over the place. Spam is all over the place from unwanted emails to leaving comments just for the sake of a dropping your link to the product. It is an ongoing problem but most people know they are doing it so I do believe it doesn’t need a huge write up. If you have any questions about spam, let me know and I can answer them.

Giving Up

That’s right. One of the biggest reasons why people fail at affiliate marketing is because they give up. How can you succeed when you give up? I know that sometimes you get discouraged and question if you will make it. Some days you will struggle with the “what was I thinking” or the “how am I really going to make money at this” before you actually start to make money. There will be question and doubt along the way. Like I said in the beginning of the post, there is no quick or instant riches.

You put all the time into it, and I promise you that affiliate marketing is not a scam (just don’t promote products that are), don’t you want to see it through? Think of it this way: You don’t know how close to your goals you are when you give up. Every time I talk about this with anybody it reminds me of a meme I saw a while back. It said “you don’t know how close you are when you give up” and it showed a miner turning around and walking away from his digging. You see in the picture that if he dug another few inches, he would have hit the gold.

Think about it when you consider giving up. I did this in the past and deeply regretted it so I know how hard it can be. It takes a lot to build back up from when you give up on it.

Affiliate Marketing Tips Summed Up:

Pick a solid product that you know you can promote and will solve problems that people may have. Go for something that would solve your problems even so you are more passionate about it. And stick with one or two until you get into a groove of managing it all. Don’t chase the next product that sounds too good to be true.

Know your audience and advertise appropriately. Don’t waste your advertising dollars on places that won’t get you the traffic or sales you need.

Never under any circumstances spam people with your products. This doesn’t work and can get you in big trouble.

And lastly, learn all you can about your product and also about affiliate marketing so you don’t feel that giving up is the only option. It should never feel like your only option.

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