Network Marketing or Affiliate Marketing, What’s the Difference?

Network Marketing or Affiliate Marketing, What’s the Difference?

When working online you hear of two main things (of course there are many ways to make money online, but these two you hear a lot of) network marketing and affiliate marketing.  They sound similar and yes you can make a lot of money with both, but I am often asked what the difference really is between the two.  Well they can be used somewhat interchangeably when you really think about it, but in the online world people tend to mean specific things when using these terms.

First is network marketing:
This is when you are building a team of affiliates to work with you.  This team helps you to build your residual income over time.  Meaning as your team grows, your income grows and you will continue to be paid year after year.  This grows in a pyramid, but it is not a pyramid scheme or scam.  Just you have yourself on top of the team, then your direct referrals and their referrals and so on.  
You grow with others on your team and you are there helping them grow their teams as well.  This is the networking part of it.  You grow together as a network.  A business like Cashjuice is a great example.  If you were to join with me, I would have you on my team and I would help you to build your own team.  There are plenty of other businesses like this as well. 
Now you have affiliate marketing:
This is usually referred to when you promote other people’s products.  Now the cool part about this that a lot of people like is that you do not handle any sales, you do not have to follow up with people, and you get paid by the owner of the product.  You can set ads up and collect commissions.  Sounds easy and great right? Not so easy if you don’t know what you are doing.  See in affiliate marketing, you don’t have a sponsor or any upline to guide you through the process.  It can be overwhelming.
Lucky for beginners who want to make money online with this, there are things like Covert Commissions.  They have a very easy way of automating everything for you.  The link there provides a free report for you.  Now yes, you can get into profit without using anything like Covert Commissions, but you really have to know what you are doing.  I gave up a few times along the way on affiliate marketing because of the learning curves thrown at you.
Now my take on which is better between the two?
I honestly like both! It is better to not have all your money in one basket so to speak.  Why not build a successful team on one side and also market other people’s products for money on the other? That is my take on it.
What do you prefer – affiliate marketing or network marketing?
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