Amazing Team Building Contest

Amazing Team Building Contest

I will be sending out a team mail later today as well, but there will be another exciting contest this month.  It will be similar to last month’s contest where you will be rewarded for logging in and working toward building your business and team.  Your success is always very important to me and I will help you every way I can.  It does take work, but it is worth it when you stick to it and build over time.

The contest will be simple again and the prizes will be amazing to help you build your business.  They will include personally sponsored affiliates (PSAs) and Tcredits to spend on auctions, games or other cool things at TripleClicks

More details will be emailed out in the team email.  This is going to be an exciting contest!

Not on the team yet? You can join us here: SFI.  I am always here for my team whether it be on chat or email, I will be there to help you.  Note that if you are already an affiliate at SFI, you will  not be able to join my team as you will have another sponsor.  But if you are not an affiliate, joining through this link will put you on my team.

The fine print:

This is a work at home opportunity to build your own success as a marketer.  It is dependent on many factors and is not an hourly paycheck.  The rewards are great, but you will have to work for it.  By joining through the link, you will be an affiliate on my team and I will earn a certain percentage of what you earn and your activities but this will not affect your earnings in any way.  I am opted in to what is called OptiBuild which means that 50% of my new affiliates go to other members of my team.  Do not be concerned if your sponsor is somebody else on the team.  You still may contact me and I am still in your upline.  I do this so my team can build their own teams as well so it is a win win for everybody.

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