Top 5 Work at Home Freelance Sites

Top 5 Work at Home Freelance Sites

There are many different freelance sites that allow you to work at home.  Many of the sites out there are for various tasks from writing to web design.  I have been finding many of the writing sites now are offering the service way too cheap.  It is not fair to the writer and people should know that you have options when looking to work at home as a freelancer.

Now of course there are many sites and there are also sites that I do not know anything about yet.  So I am not saying these are the only sites that are worth the time, this is my top work at home freelance site list.

I choose these by the ease of use, the legitimacy of the site and how well they pay compared to some sites.  If you have some legit sites that pay well, feel free to leave them in the comments just do not spam us.  It must be a legit site and pay well for work at home, it must also be a freelance site and not a “get paid to promote” kind of site – thank you!

Top 5 Work at Home Freelance Sites:

Elance is a great place for people who are looking to work at home.  They are a site that you bid on jobs, but the variety of jobs available is excellent! You don’t have to be a writer, there are people looking for many different freelancers to do various tasks.  You can bid on hourly work at home jobs that are long term, short term or jobs that pay per project and not hourly.  There is a wide variety.  This is free to use and look for work, tho there is an upgrade I remained free member.  You will have to look for higher paying jobs, or you may even have to do a couple lower paying jobs to build up reputation.  There are higher paying jobs tho once you get yourself a reputation.

oDesk is similar to Elance where you can bid for a project.  You can find hourly work at home jobs which pay weekly or you can bid for pay per project jobs.  There is a variety of tasks that you will find here also.  You can find many jobs other then writing jobs.  This too is free to find work.

People Per Hour is similar to oDesk and Elance where you can find hourly work or you can find pay per project.  The difference with this site is that as a freelancer you can post your services.  You can post what you will do and add a price.  For example: I will write an article 500 words for $35.  That is just an example, there are many things you can do and add on the site.

Constant Content is more for article writing.  This is a great site and the editors are a bit strict (they will make you revise any articles that have mistakes), but once accepted your article will be listed for sale on their site.  You write an article you want to write and the amount of words you would like.  You also set the rate for the article and people can buy usage or pay more for full rights.  Great site for article writers.

Ghostbloggers is a new find for me.  Great site tho! This is for article writers too and is similar to Constant Content.  You write the article and submit it to the site.  Once the editors approve it, the article goes up for sale on their site.  You can pick the topic, amount of words and also set the price.  With Ghostbloggers site, you are only allowed to sell the article once instead of usages like Constant Content.

There are the top 5 work at home freelance sites that I have found and used.  I am sure there are others on the Internet, but these are the ones I find to be the best out of the ones I have tried.

These links all go to the companies homepage and they are not affiliate links.  I was not compensated to share these sites with you, they are my honest opinion.

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10 thoughts on “Top 5 Work at Home Freelance Sites

  1. You’ve made some good points there. I checked on the internet to learn more about the issue and found most people will go along with your views on this site.

  2. hello, I am new to working from home as I was just wondering if you have ever earned money using online survey sites. I have been hearing mixed reviews. I have not had very much luck freelance writing this past month.

  3. Hi Matt,

    Thank you! I have been working at home for years now and I didn't start with good companies, it took some learning and trying. That is my main reason for blogging about my adventures so I can share things that I find legitimately work for people.

  4. Hi Kelsey,

    If you are new to freelance sites, it may be a little overwhelming. Especially if you are on sites with bidding, but if you bid on lower projects just to build up your reputation you will find great opportunities.

    For survey sites, I have not found many that legitimately pay tho I have heard of others having success. There is one site that is legit and pays usually within a week for each completed survey. They really are for a spare couple dollars because most completed surveys pay $1 into your Paypal account, so they are low pay but legit.

  5. Hi Queenmagenta,

    Thank you for sharing the link here. I read the article and yes it has great points that people should know when looking for freelancing jobs.

  6. Hi!
    I've been a freelancer for 2 years already and I can say Odesk has been very helpful to me during those times. Elance is also a great place to work. The employers from Elance pay much than Odesk as far as I've experienced. But nowadays, there has been a lot of competition especially on easy jobs such as data entry. Good thing I've found another way to earn money online and this is what I've been busy of lately. I'm not even working but I'm earning. The money I've invested works for me. And now, I'm happy to say I'm earning 3 times as much as I've worked on Odesk. I'm still working on Odesk right now, but it's the other way around now. Odesk is now my extra money online. Keep posting! Cheers!


  7. Hi Dawn,

    I've just finished writing today a post about outsourcing and I mentioned Elance and Odesk (you'll find it easily on my site if you visit it). I also like Fiverr use Elance a lot. However, I'm a buyer and not a seller, but just for your readers who might wonder about whether those sites work, I've been working with some of the same contractors for years now and I have a writer who writes for me all the time via Elance.

    I'm about to start online video interviews with people who are involved in work from home businesses and would like to arrange one with you if you are interested?

    Hope we get to meet online soon,


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