Is iWriter Worth Writing For?

Is iWriter Worth Writing For?

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IWriter is a site that offers clients a cheap way to get articles for their sites and also allows freelancers to work at home.  I have written there and occasionally I will login there, but I am not going to recommend it anymore.  I know I have mentioned it in the past as being a site to earn a little money (little at it’s best), but I do not even recommend it now.

There are a few reasons why I don’t think iWriter is a good site.  First I would like to say they are legit, not a scam, but they favor the clients and not the writers.  When I first joined iWriter, I was lucky enough to find the decent clients that accepted my articles.  It is not very motivating to write an article for as cheap as $1.01, believe me.  But I figured that I would work at achieving elite status so I could see if it was worth being there and if it was good for writers to work at home.  I did mention it in the past only because it is legit and they have paid me, not because I made a lot there.

There are many options for people looking to work at home and I will be adding a list within the next day or two of all the best legit work at home freelance sites.  Let’s do a breakdown of why I don’t believe this to be a site worth using if you intend on working at home.

Advertising Their Cheap Labor

IWriter pays very little offering clients some dirt cheap articles.  They advertise on their homepage that you can purchase an article for as little as $1.25.  Yes this true and guess what, the writer doesn’t make that whole amount either.  I am sorry but I can’t stand behind this.  Advertising the cheap labor like this is not something that sits well with me.  When you work at home as a freelancer, you should be making more then this.  And for them to state on the homepage about the cheap labor only encourages clients that are looking for perfect work done dirt cheap.

Cheap Clients Expect the Perfect Article

I notice that the clients there that are looking for this cheap labor are looking for the most perfect article that $100 would buy you.  I am sorry, and I do put in my best work for every article I write,  but you are not going to get a writer to spend hours of research and writing for $1.00.  That just won’t happen and should not be expected to happen.

I made it to elite status within my first 30 reviews.  To be elite you need to have a rating of 4.6 and have 30 reviews.  Ok I made it there right away as I did find a couple clients who did appreciate my work.  Note that I was putting in a great effort for this little pay to see if this was going to be a paying site to recommend on my work at home blog.  I did not write here to support the low pay, but figured if you can make decent pay at elite I would recommend it.

As soon as I got elite status, I started getting rejected for every article.  Seriously, 1 article was accepted after reaching elite.  And then I was knocked down to premium.  I had written 2 articles for a client that had 3 articles posted.  Another writer wrote the 3rd article.  1 article was accepted and the client left a great review stating great job and big tip for the writer.  No tip was left either.  The other article I wrote for the client (out of the batch of 3 requested) was rejected with a 3 star review stating that it was  a great article but that they already had what they needed and thought they cancelled request.  So here I took an hour out of my time and did a great article and they decided they didn’t need it.  Also stated that they were giving a big tip again, but again no tip was left.  That was the end of my elite with that rejection.

As premium, I had more rejections.  Often times the client tells you what they want, you write what they want and they still reject it.  They leave a review with a bad rating stating that they were looking for something totally different from what they had in their instructions.  These clients are more then welcome and also encouraged not to pay for an article they do not want.

When I have written articles for clients (not through iWriter) that were $40 an article, they didn’t expect the world.  If they wanted something reworded, they told me nicely.  Cheap clients are more demanding and will try to get out of paying, especially when encouraged to do so like at iWriter.

Clients are the Ones Who Rate and Review You

The same clients who are demanding the world for a cheap price are the ones that rate you.  I have got some very bad reviews that were completely inaccurate.  This leads back to the client asking for something in the instructions and then rejects it stating that they didn’t want this or that they asked for something else.  That is what I thought was the most irritating! I can handle rejection and I know that I am not a perfect article writer, but when you lie about what you wanted in my review to make me look bad because you didn’t want to pay for an article – I have a problem with that.  And again, iWriter encourages clients not to pay for articles they don’t want.

Is iWriter Worth Writing For?

I would have to say no.  I don’t even like the concept of buying articles from there after seeing how some of the writers get treated.  There are much better places for freelancers to work at home writing articles.  I cannot agree with the way that writers are treated here.

If you are looking to work at home as a freelancer, I will be posting sites that pay better and treat their contractors better within the next couple days.  I am working on compiling the list today.

This is all based on my experience.  I was not paid to review them or write any of this, just looking out for my readers.

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7 thoughts on “Is iWriter Worth Writing For?

  1. I think you should give iWriter another try. I've been doing work there for just under three weeks. In that time, I've reached Elite status, and only had a real problem with one requester, who left me an unfair one star rating. I emailed support, and they changed that one star to a five star because they agreed with me. You just have to pay close attention to the approval rate of the requester, and their star rating before selecting assignments. Also, make sure that you copy and paste anything that you write into MS Word or Open Office before you submit the article, so that the software can find any spelling or grammar problems that need to be corrected.

  2. Hi Shyley,

    I got discouraged when somebody was able to request 3 articles, but yet reject 2 because they really only wanted 1. I don't agree with how they treat the writers, they advertise cheap labor.

    That is awesome that you are doing well with them and I will occasionally login there, but they are not somebody I recommend anymore. Mainly because of the way the writers are treated and they are lower paying.

    Have a wonderful day!

  3. Hi, there So far it has been tough being on iwriter but managed to make something out of the articles. For sure some buyers are as horrible as their approval ratings. Otherwise, there are those that are audacious enough to "call name" an article writer. Seriously, I Seriously Question the Professionalism of some requestors and they ain't worth it!

  4. That is definitely true concerning the low rates…but when you've got to pay the bills, you've got to pay the bills LOL! I also work through vWorker, and more recently through Constant Content. I've already sold usage rights on an article at Constant Content, so I am very encouraged. I've been making a full time income as a web content writer since 2001, I had to take a couple of years off for health reasons, and I've come back to it to find that these days, all of the buyers want a lot for very little pay, and anyone who can type thinks that they are a writer…It's getting to be a very tough business to be in.

  5. Shyley,

    Glad you were able to come back to writing 🙂 Hopefully that means that your health is much better now!

    I know what you mean about needing to pay the bills. I find that the clients that are paying very little are the ones that are more picky! It is like they want something for nothing.

  6. Hi Anonymous,

    Yeah some buyers are not very professional. Many of the professional buyers have the money to buy at a higher price and are often willing to pay better too. Sorry you had problems with them too.

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