Wednesday’s Online Business Mistake – Keep Your Business Real

Wednesday’s Online Business Mistake – Keep Your Business Real

Happy Wednesday! It is time for another Wednesday’s Online Business Mistake.  Today i would like to talk about keeping your business real.  This can be for any business whether you work at home or run an offline business.  I thought of this one after a recent wake-up call from my ex wireless phone carrier.  Yes, I just made the switch from Verizon! I was with them for 10 years and realized that I had enough.  They do not treat their customers like they value them.  They act more like they are the biggest phone carrier and you will deal with them.  That is the vibe I have got from them over the last 10 years of being a high paying customer who had never been shut off.

Now with keeping it real, I mean a few things.  If it is a work at home business, make sure it is a real business.  Don’t be scamming people with any work at home scams.  Many online businesses are legit and a work at home business can be for real.  This is not the main point that I was reaching with this topic, but it is a good point of keeping it real!

I will use the example of phone companies for the main point.  When I say keep it real, I mean to keep it simple and make sure you do not get high and mighty.  As I said, I was a Verizon customer for 20 years.  I noticed that they have got worse over the years.  First they used to make sure their equipment would work properly, they also had competitive rates.  Now it seems that it is “not their problem” if equipment is not working.  They will not drop the service fees for whatever service is broken on your phone tho.  So now you are paying for something you can’t even use.  I have experienced this a few times over the years.

They keep upping the rates of things and figure that people will just pay that because they are a big company.  Well, the competitor has better service, will make sure your equipment works and also works with you to make sure that your bill is going to be where you can afford it.  They talk you into staying with a certain package by upping the price and letting you know that if you drop the service now, you will pay more later as the price went up.

There is so much of a bad experience I have had with them, tho they are not all bad.  I am not trying to bash them, I have had good experiences with them in the past.  It just seems that the bigger they grow, the more they seem to think that people will just “deal with it” because they are the big company.

Whether you have an offline business or a work at home business, do not let this happen to your business.  Keep it real and keep it competitive.  Don’t get the mentality that your business is too big for people to not do business with.  There are always competitors, no matter what business you run.  Keep your work at home online or offline business real and you will have success.  Customers would rather be treated as customers then they would as just having to deal with you.

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