Wednesday’s Online Business Mistake-Being an Expert

Wednesday’s Online Business Mistake-Being an Expert

Happy Wednesday everybody! In today’s Wednesday’s Online Business Mistake, I am going to talk about a mistake that I know many people make when first starting out.  It is about being an expert.  Sure we all want to be an expert at something, but expert is a term being used to often now when you read about working online.

Many people claim to be an Internet Marketing Expert or a Social Media Expert, but to be an expert it takes time and skill.  You will also see many people who claim to be an expert on working online or business.  Some people claim this just to sound like the expert you should pay or buy from.  This is a shame, but it is so true.

To be an expert, you need to have experience.  You cannot decide one day to start working online and push a business by claiming you are an expert in your field or business.  You need to learn a lot about it.  You also need to be in the business for a while with some real experience.  I thought I was an expert at one time a while back.  I didn’t brag to everybody or do it to try to make a sale, but I thought I was enough of an expert to say I was.  Truth is, after working online for 6 years now, I am not an expert.

I can give a lot of advice, I have a lot of experience to share, but I do not consider myself an expert anymore.  There is still more to do and more to learn as the Internet changes everyday.  I am not selling myself short here, I know a lot and have experienced a lot.  I have experienced enough to write books about working online, but I do not have as much experience as some.

If you want to reach expert, study what there is to know about your business or niche.  If working online is what you would like to be an expert at, make sure you do it for quite some time before saying you are an expert.  Make sure you learn all you can and test this knowledge out.  Of course you should grow your skills and jump into what you are dreaming of doing, but don’t use the “expert” label until you have mastered the skills.

When you say you are an expert, people will hold you to it if they believe you when you say you are.  They will expect you to know exactly what you are talking about and know exactly how to help them.  This will be your reputation that will be affected if you let your customers down when they believe in you.

Push to be an expert, but do not use the title until you know the ins and outs of your business.
Hope you have a wonderful day!

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2 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Online Business Mistake-Being an Expert

  1. I have been working on the internet for 9 years now and I couldn't agree with you more, especially seeing as Google seems to update it's algorithm every 10 seconds as of late. The internet changes on a daily basis because of the people who use it. If you are an "expert" on knowing what people want you would still only have 1/2 of what you need.

  2. Things are always changing in the Internet world. I think many of Google's changes are for the better, but it is hard to keep up with these changes if you offer an "expert" service.

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