Wednesday’s Online Business Mistake-Affiliate Marketing

Wednesday’s Online Business Mistake-Affiliate Marketing

Wednesday here again! This time goes by fast.  For this week I would like to talk about my mistake in  Affiliate Marketing-this is also a common mistake.  Many people have made a lot of money with Affiliate Marketing.  It is also a way to earn without spending any money.  It can be profitable and the only thing you would have to pay for is advertising if you chose to.

Affiliate Marketing is promoting somebody else’s product.  It can be an easy income if you know how to advertise effectively.  You don’t need a product, you are promoting somebody else’s.  You also don’t need a website, the person’s product will already have a website.  Sounds great, right?

Well, I am not the perfectionist at Affiliate Marketing.  I am not one of the huge 7 figures a year Affiliate Marketers, so I don’t have an exact blue print to follow for everybody.  One thing I can tell you tho is don’t make the same mistake I did in the beginning!

In the beginning, I didn’t know much about Internet Marketing and didn’t know a thing about Affiliate Marketing.  You can imagine that when I heard these “gurus” claiming 7 figures with easy steps, I was so excited! My biggest mistake with this was I believed too many “gurus” and I promoted whatever looked like an eye catching product.  Yes, you want to sell what is hot but you also need to make sure it is legit.  I repeat-my biggest mistake was promoting any product that looked like it would catch people’s eye.  Now you can make sales with this but you will do much better if you promote things you know work.  I found it easier to promote (and also morally right) products that I have physically tested and know that they are worth the price.  It is easier to talk about it as you know the good points from experience with the product.  If you share it on your own website or blog, you will know that you are promoting something of value if you personally like it.  This helps with your reputation.  Think about it; you keep pushing a product that ends up being garbage (even if it is eye catchy and hot), once people start to catch on this product is bad it can come back on your reputation.  People who bought through your link because they trusted you will no longer trust you.  This will hurt future sales.

Rule of thumb, don’t promote anything that you have not personally tried.  You can have paid sponsors on your site but I would list them as sponsored or advertisements so you are not completely endorsing it.  If you are actually promoting and recommending a product, make sure you tried it and it is of value and legit.

I have been battling a bad migraine headache for the last couple of days, I apologize if this is not as well written as I have been under the weather.  I didn’t want to miss the Wednesday Online Business Mistake tho!

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    6 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Online Business Mistake-Affiliate Marketing

    1. You're so right Dawn, I too have made mistakes in "Affiliate Marketing". Yes it can be done and can be profitable but after a lot of soul searching I fell back to regroup. It gave me a really uneasy feeling promoting stuff I was unsure of, So now I will only promote products or services that I personally use myself. This works very well for myself and others I'm involved with. We call it M.A.D. marketing! i.e. Making A Difference. There are far too many cons and ripoffs out there that are just plain ripping people off. I'm sick of it and recommend people to please do their "Due Diligence" and check things out before pulling out their credit cards.

      By the Way I love your site, it's nice and clean easy to navigate. I would like to link back to you.

      Bless your success

      Silas A. Thornton
      We Got This- The Road to Success SiteThis is my personal website and outlet to the world.

    2. Hi Silas,

      Thank you! It is a shame how many scams there are out there. I had gotten fooled by a few in the beginning a few years ago. I will check out your site!
      Hope you have a wonderful week

    3. Hey there! I like your article. I have been a affiliate marketer for quite some time now and it is the best way to make free money. I do agree with you that you must know about and like the product you are selling. I hope you feel better!

    4. Hi Louida,
      Thank you! I have found it to be easier myself. I think because you know the product is good so you believe in it. I am feeling better from the migraine thank you. They are horrible, thankfully I do not get them too often!
      Hope you are having a wonderful week!

    5. Dawn-

      Very good post, I would also say with respect to affiliate marketing to be successful, the product and/or service must provide real VALUE to your visitors/would be customers. If not, you need to ask yourself what are you promoting?

      Secondly, and you already alluded to this; you must own the product and/or service to be effective in promoting/selling. If you don't own product and/or service how in th world do you expect to be successful in marketing a product that you would not own yourself? There is such a thing as "credibility" , and once your credibility is called into question, you might as well shut down your website.



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