Wednesday’s Online Business Mistake-Too Much Spam

Wednesday’s Online Business Mistake-Too Much Spam

I can’t believe it is Wednesday again! This month has gone so fast for us here with Christmas coming.  Today’s mistake I would like to share is about too much spam.  In the beginning you read all about sharing your link everywhere.  You also see some sites that give you special code for sharing your link in forums.  I know that I see many people spamming their links all over social sites, forums, people’s blogs and so many other places.  Some people really do not realize they are being obnoxious and hurting themselves.  I know I spammed a little in the beginning.  It is too easy to do when everybody tells you that you need to share your link and they do not tell you to be careful not to be too spammy.

In a forum, you should really only share your link in your signature.  Of course this does depend on the conversation and the forum.  Some discussions are started just to share your business with others.  But as a safe rule of thumb to avoid too much spam, you really should just include it in your signature.

When using social media, you should limit the amount of links you share in the day.  We all share links (some people share a lot of other people’s content throughout the day) but you do not want to post too many links in a day.  This goes for any social media site including Twitter.

In blog comments, you should not add your link to the comment.  There is a place to add your link in the form and this will highlight your name adding the link to your name.  If you add your link to the body of your comment, your comment will probably be labeled as spam.

You should never email anybody your link without proper permission.  I do not use much email marketing so I am not really going to add much here.  If anybody has suggestions about email marketing effectively, you can leave a comment or contact me and we can see about a guest post.

These are the biggest places I see too much spam, and yes I was guilty of spamming a little bit in the beginning.  Not that I was meaning to and I did not go out of my way to spam people but I used to put my link in places that I really shouldn’t have.

One thing I can recommend-when you see quality content or even something funny, share it on your social media sites.  Search engines and also your followers will be happy to see you sharing other people’s content without being rewarded.  I share things that I find useful, funny or just a great read.

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    6 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Online Business Mistake-Too Much Spam

    1. I completely agree. I have just started a blog myself and all I here is to just get your link out there as much as possible. I am like you and don't like a lot of links floating around, so I am trying to figure out the happy medium. I would love to hear how you conquered this monster. Enjoyed the article


    2. Hi GregC,

      I have many different social media sites that I have profiles on. Each one of these sites has my blog as my website. I also write articles that occasionally allow me to add my blog in the author's box. You can share your link on Google+ if you have a profile there. Leave comments just as you did here (your link is in your name but not at all spammy this way.)
      These are all ways to add your link without it being spam. I believe Google Panda changed the need for all the links now. It is a different calculation for page rankings and search results but I really do not know much about Panda. It does seem to help us who do not spam the links.
      I wish you a successful week ahead!

    3. You are welcome Greg. Any time you have any questions, feel free to ask! I have a few social sites throughout my blog that have helped me out with getting my name and blog out there without being spammy. That and sincere comments really are my favorite for generating traffic.

    4. just read the comments on here, and it is true everyone says post your blog everywhere for rankings, I'll keep in mind the social networking site as they do sound like a good idea.

    5. Hi Jose,

      I think that Panda changed the way backlinking works now. You can really hurt your blog if you are not careful how many links you put everywhere too. I know of people who got labeled as a spam blog because their blog's links grew too quickly. Google+ is a great place to have a profile and yes all other social medias help out too. It creates a good link to your site and all of the social media sites allow you to add your website to your profile.

      Hope you have a wonderful and successful new year!

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