Wednesday’s Online Business Mistake-Keeping Promises

Wednesday’s Online Business Mistake-Keeping Promises

This sounds simple and many people would like to think they don’t break promises.  It does happen tho and sometimes you don’t realize you did it.  It has do with-you guessed it-being organized.  I confessed to my past organization problem.  Tho it is still a battle for me but now I know and accept that I have the problem so I work hard at not having an organization problem.

When I wasn’t very organized I had a few promises that I know I broke.  Not good for business! I never meant to break promises but when I wasn’t organized, I forgot many things.  Promises are very important to keep!

I make sure now that if I make a promise to readers, clients or anybody that I write it down in a special place.  That was my problem, I wouldn’t write everything down and I would forget.  I have had to apologize to people a few times throughout my years and I feel bad about it.  Not only do I feel bad about it, it also doesn’t help your reputation.  I want people to know they can count on me and the couple promises I forgot about let those people down.  They were understanding about it and I did come through for them but I do not like the fact that they had to remind me.  Don’t let this happen to you.  It is easier to break a promise then you think when you forget to do it! Now I am good at keeping my promises, I learned from my mistakes!

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