Why no new work at home opportunities lately

Why no new work at home opportunities lately

I have recieved a few comments and several emails asking me where I have been lately. My last post was in December and I am sorry. Life has been a little busy lately and I have not really done much exploring on new work at home opportunities. I do not post opportunities with out checking them out first for my readers. I will have to start researching more work at home opportunities soon but until then I am sorry I do not have any new legitimate companies that I have not previously discussed. The main work at home company I have been still working with is Project Payday.
I did start a new hobby and a new blog about my new hobby though. I decided to grow some of my own vegies. It is actually very rewarding and I have been quite proud of my plants! My blog about my plants is My Deck Garden. It is a great hobby that I would recommend and my green pepper tasted better then any that I have ever bought at the store!
I am not gone forever just need to research before I can post more opportunities. I will see everybody soon.
Have a great day!

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6 thoughts on “Why no new work at home opportunities lately

  1. Thanks for the information that you have posted, better to be aware than to let myself asking repeated question and gain no answer.

  2. nice blog. I was thinking to start work from home jobs like you. After seeing your blog i sign up project payday. But at the end its asking 30 dollar something with 60 day return policy.How come its free..what if they don't return my money?

  3. @ Jennifer, thank you 🙂 Yeah it can be hard to find time to garden but it is rewarding. I have been so proud of my vegies!

    @ Whoaml, Thank you 🙂 I joined project payday almost 3 years ago I believe it has been that long. At the time there was a way to sign up free by completing offers. I did not pay to sign up. I am sure that they will refund your money tho, I always get paid with no problems. They pay you for referrals to enter their email addresses and they also show you other ways to make quick money. They mail my checks out on Friday and I have always got my check on Monday unless a holiday delays it.

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