Work at Home Writing for iWriter

Work at Home Writing for iWriter

I have been on for a while now as a test to see how well it works. is a website where you work at home writing articles for clients and after they accept your articles, you get paid for it.  There has been a lot of people saying that you won’t make much money at this site, so I had to test it out.  Can you really make money with them?

The answer is yes you can make money with iWriter.  When you first start out, you will not be making as much as you will be a standard writer and the pay is quite low for standard articles.  You will be able to advance to Elite status once you have at least 30 ratings on your account and your average rating is 4.6 stars or higher.  Premium is an average of 4 stars after 30 ratings.  This allows you to earn more money per article.  When you write for them, you do all of your work at home.

There is no test to start writing, but I recommend you do your best to have correct spelling and good grammar or you will not get good ratings.  Ratings are given by clients, not the site.  There are a couple clients that are not specific with instructions and will give you a low rating if you do not realize they really meant something other then what they stated, but overall many of the clients are great to work with.  Just be careful if you write for somebody that has a lot of negative comments in their rating feedback.  Not saying they are bad to write for, just be careful.

I have had to email their customer support and have received a response within 24 hours, so they are dedicated to working with the writers and the clients.  They are free to join and write, they take a certain percentage of each article you write.  This is taken off before you see the “writer’s earnings” next to the article, so what you see for the earnings is what you will get.

Another great thing about them is that you can choose to be paid every week.  They have a few options for payments.  You can choose every Tuesday, twice a month or even once a month.  You just have to have at least $20 in your account to receive payout.  If you select every Tuesday, as long as you have $20 in your account, your payment will be in your Paypal account early Tuesday morning- Eastern Standard Time.  Mine is usually in my account by 2 AM.  Many sites that allow you work at home writing articles do not pay out every week.

I am not compensated for sharing this with you, they do not have an affiliate program.  It is a legit work at home site and they do really pay.  I have found them to be a reliable place to write and earn money for articles.  They may not pay as well as some other places, but they are a place to earn quick money and get paid weekly!

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