Is Facebook for Business Worth it?

Is Facebook for Business Worth it?

I think it may be worth it for some corporations, but for online business I am not sure it will be worth it for long.  This is all based upon my opinion and experience.  Dawn’s Work at Home Blog is on Facebook with it’s own business page.  Seemed like a great idea, everybody told me I need to be on Facebook, so I jumped on it.  Honestly I have been finding it to be a little bit of a waste of time.

I tried posting about my blog contest for all my blog readers- Blog Contest Scrapbook Software Giveaway.  Facebook will not let me post it as it says the post contains a link that was reported and blocked but yet the website that it lists is something that is not even on my blog.  The only links in the post are to a very reputable scrapbook software company that is also on Facebook.  So what is the problem here?? The website that Facebook claims is in the post is not at all on my blog, let alone in the post (I barely have any links to anything on that blog.)  This is not the only time I have had a problem.  The business page was designed around Dawn’s Work at Home Blog, so I intended on sharing important content from my blog.  Facebook has not let me post anything from this blog either, says it contains content that has been blocked.

I am not amused with Facebook business pages at all.  When you accuse me of having certain sites on my blog and refuse to let me post anything on my page, it is a waste of time to have the page-right? You also cannot find anyway to contact them and get a live response.  Poor customer service, I am glad I never bought any credits from them.  Is there anybody else having this problem or is it my account? Also, I rarely post things to my page.  I don’t go crazy posting a ton of stuff to my Facebook page.  I see so many people posting links all day and yet I can’t share a couple of things here and there, maybe even once a month.

Sorry for the venting but I really don’t see how Facebook pages could possibly be worth it to any online company.  I definitely prefer Google+.

What do you think, have you had success with Facebook pages or are you on the same page as me here?

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2 thoughts on “Is Facebook for Business Worth it?

  1. Hi Recruitment,

    I actually like Google+ better and have been having a horrible time trying to share any information on my Facebook business page. I see many people spamming with all these links and I am just trying to share things from my blogs occasionally. I hope you are having more success with it!

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