Earning Money Online With Your Pictures

Earning Money Online With Your Pictures

There are many sites that you can earn some extra money online with your pictures that you take.  I am not a professional photographer so I don’t belong to many of these sites at the moment.  One site you can earn money online for your pictures is called Redgage.
This site is cool as you don’t have to be a professional photographer.  I am not saying you are going to earn a lot of money online in the beginning with them, but they pay you per views.  The more views your content gets, the more you make.  This can add up as you upload more content.
You know what is another great feature on this site? You can share your content from your blogs or your articles.  You can also write documents to share there.  I just recently discovered them thank you to a friend, and I have found them to be a cool site.  You can earn a little for the views you get to the links you share too.  If you share a link to a post on your blog, you gain traffic and a good quality back link.  You then can earn money for sharing the link to your online content.
There is also a raffle everyday with a chance to win a $25 pre-paid card.  Redgage is completely free to join and upload.  There is no fee to use the site, no upgrading at all.  Check it out today and have some fun! Oh and earn a some extra money online too.

Join me in earning with your pictures and links here: Redgage.com

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